The main reason Primus has become one of the top Cedar Rapids construction companies is due to our strict adherence to procedure. We know the only tried and true way to complete a project successfully is to follow a process that is laid out in detail from beginning to end. After all, you can’t expect to get anything done if you don’t know which direction to head. In our years of experience, we have found that there are many construction firms that skimp on process and head straight to the building phase, often in an attempt to “wow” clients by getting the project complete ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, jobs that are handled in this way don’t tend to provide the quality most customers wish to see. At Primus, we like to do things the good old fashioned way, and by that we mean sticking to a plan.

The Envision Phase: Concept Planning, Design & Budget

In the initial phase, our team meticulously evaluates your specific building and/or remodeling needs. This is accomplished over the course of multiple meetings, each of which is geared towards setting clear project goals and objectives. To give you all that we have to offer, we need to know as much as possible about your wants, needs and expectations. We feel it is important to stress early-on the difference between your “must haves” and your “wish list.” The end goal of the envision phase is to establish project priorities and find out how to make these a reality in the most practical and cost-effective way possible. Thus, the objectives of the envision phase include:

-Understanding what you are looking for
-Brainstorming the ideas and options for implementing the end goals of the project
-Coming up with 1-2 feasible options that our team can then evaluate
-Establishing a foundational project base that will minimize any potential surprises and setbacks

The Elaboration Phase: Detailed Design & Scope

Once we have created a mental map of the direction your project is headed, our team will start crafting a detailed design layout. Our consultants will work with you to select the best avenue, and then our architectural designers and engineers will draft the necessary blueprints and guaranteed pricing for the project. By the time the elaboration phase is complete, you will have:

-A clearly defined scope of work (with no surprises)
-A thoroughly detailed site plan
-Individual floor plans
-Building elevations
-Project specifications

The Execution Phase: Final Drawings & Construction

The final stage in the design-build process involves making wrap-up decisions and any changes to the project. This is where you will select the final touches and where we will make the necessary preparations regarding the needed architectural and engineering drawings. The concluding the step is to draft and sign the contract, which will layout our terms and pricing specifications. After this has been complete, we move on to the construction phase.The Execution Phase: Final Drawings & Construction

“When we first met Jason and the Primus team we were unsure how to proceed given our circumstances.  My son had just graduated from dental school and we were looking to establish a father/son state-of-the-art practice on a very short timeline. Jason and his team were able to convert a challenging space we found into exactly what we envisioned. Now, after three years in our office and having our office featured in a national dental publication, I can say—thanks to Jason and Primus Dental—we have achieved our goals.”

Gary J. Goebel, DDS & Thomas J. Goebel, DDS