As a leading Cedar Rapids construction company, we know the only way to create a structure that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing is by spending plenty of time at the drawing board. Our design team is consistently going above and beyond to craft buildings that truly are works of art, and they do all of this without ever exceeding our clients’ budgets.

When it comes to commercial contractors, Cedar Rapids has a number of firms that specialize in architectural design and construction. However, there are few that offer both of these services together. Instead of having to hire separate companies to handle the design and build phase of your project, why not have us handle both? Not only does this save time and money, it also prevents the unnecessary hassle of having to speak with multiple contacts. Furthermore, the room for error is always greater when you have one company handling the design element of the project and another one in charge of the construction phase. Thanks to our close-knit team at Primus, we are able to merge these services at no added cost to you. Aside from price (and much more important in our opinion) is the fact that the project is made inherently valuable from the onset. It is more personal and meaningful for the staff working on it. Integrating design and construction just makes sense, and that is what you get with Primus.